About Us

We started LuminOva because we believe that better understanding the mitochondrial activity of eggs and embryos
will help clinicians and patients to make better decisions. We are bringing scientific expertise and entrepreneurial experience together
to drive the next stage of innovation in assisted reproductive technologies.




Tim Sanchez, Ph.D.

Principal Scientist, Co-founder, and CEO

daniel needleman, ph.d

Scientific Co-founder


Scientific Advisory Board

Dan Needleman, Ph.D.

Harvard University, Center for Systems Biology, Professor of Applied Physics and
Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Scientific Co-Founder


Denny sakkas, PH.D.

Scientific Director, Boston IVF


Our Approach

LuminOva technology assesses metabolic health by lighting up compounds that naturally fluoresce.
These compounds are essential to egg and embyro metabolism, so measuring their fluorescence gives
a ‘snapshot’ of metabolic state. Even though this is strongly associated with viability, we are the first to apply
these non-invasive imaging techniques to this promising clinical application. 


Our video shows the Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy (FLIM) of natural fluorophores involved in metabolism. It
not only measures the metabolic state of an embryo, but also generates powerful images of the embryos' mitochondria.
Abnormal mitochondrial distribution can also an indicator of poor embryo viability. Here, we monitor the
metabolic state of a cohort of mouse embryos from the 2 cell stage until blastocyst development.

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