Tim Sanchez, PhD., Principal Scientist and Co-founder

Dr. Sanchez is a post-doctoral fellow in the Needleman Laboratory at Harvard University. His focus there has been on utilizing biophysics approaches to understand the role of metabolism in cell division and embryonic development. He has developed FLIM-based metabolic imaging methods in the Needleman lab to non-invasively monitor cellular metabolic state, and also uses second harmonic generation to visualize the spindle. He completed his PhD at Brandeis University. His dissertation work resulted in several high-impact publications, and he was awarded the Award for Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Research in Biological Physics in 2012 by the American Physical Society. He completed his undergraduate degree in Physics at the New College of Florida.



Daniel Needleman, Scientific Co-founder

Dr. Daniel Needleman, Professor of Applied Physics and Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Harvard University: He completed his post-doctoral work in cell biology at Harvard Medical School. He received his PhD in Physics from University of California at Santa Barbara and his undergraduate degree in physics from Brandeis University. Dr. Needleman’s laboratory combines physics and cell biology methods to study cell and developmental biology.